How to clean a stove?

Shining Like New
The Secret to a Spotless Stove

At Karen Pobo Cleaning Service, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Achieving a sparkling clean stove is a testament to our commitment, often presenting a formidable challenge.

The variety of degreasers available on the market allows us to tailor our approach: from eco-friendly, chemical-free solutions to more potent degreasers, complemented by an arsenal of tools including blades, scrubbing sponges, and more.

Our process begins by generously applying the chosen cleaning agent to the stove, letting it work its magic for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the degree of grime. Following this, we meticulously scrub every burner and component, removing them as needed for a thorough rinse in the sink.

The stove top receives a deep clean with sponges and detailed brushes, ensuring a pristine surface. For that final gleaming touch, a solution of either vinegar and water or alcohol and water is applied, serving not only to disinfect but to leave behind a lustrous shine.

And there you have it—a spotlessly clean stove, ready to be the heart of your next family dinner!

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